atomic constants

Stuart Harrison

  “I present you the atomic constants: light and time.”

In 2012, Stuart began to investigate the destruction of the latent image after an accidental discovery researching CT scans in the medical field. A review of the literature was unsuccessful in finding studies of the simultaneous creation and destruction of an image. Using analogue film, he began to explore this as a new form of art. With the help his colleagues at Robart’s Research Institute, he devised a series of cameras which would simultaneously destroy the latent image at the moment of its formation. The destructive forces employed included x radiation, UV radiation, laser exposure, extreme focused heat, high current static electricity, and mechanical pressure.

With his new body of work New Realities, Dr. Harrison explores the theory of multiple realities and quantum physics. Each photograph holds a flicker of insight into multiple realities manifested by a sole creator. The image departs from its original aesthetics and intention to become a conceptual premise homogenized in perpetuity.


“The challenge is in finding ways to extend the range of your experiences just a little bit ... extend the range of your senses. So project out so you can see in the infra-red or in this case project out so you can see in the near RF.”

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