global warming

Kelly Norman

“We are changing the living landscape in a way that is unprecedented in history. Can we envision such different futures, so that we avoid our myopic past?”

Kelly obtained her BA from Laurier in film studies. She went on to achieve a masters of environmental science (MES) at the University of Guelph in 2002. The School of Environmental Sciences offers diverse undergraduate and graduate programs focused on the comprehensive study of complex interactions involving soil, rock, water, air and living organisms, which form the Earth’s Critical Zone.

Drawing from this training, her art practice explores the interaction of humans with the natural world. Her work is often a playful satire on role reversal and the quest for energy. Kelly joined The Dopamine Collective in 2012 to collaborate her work with other like minded individuals.

As an environmentalist, ironically, Kelly Norman is working with toxic oil automotive paints for her latest body of work to bring awareness to how much we use oil in daily products. To be socially responsible, she is offsetting her oil consumption by planting trees of an equal carbon footprint.

“...sometimes the more successful works are the ones that are grotesque, or makes us ask: what was that artist thinking?”

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